Turnkey Solution

Integrated Online Casino Platform

Bao Jia Li Online Casino Gaming Platform solutions and innovative applications streamline operations andhelp operator to attract, bonus and reward their players to create a distinct competitive advantage.

Start your online business with the best flexible management system

Bao Jia Li’s back office management system allows you, the business owner, to control the backbone of your operations. The freedom to control your own setting is key to business success. Bao Jia Li’s management system allows you to have your own detail setting and control who has access to your customers.

Powerful management system is first priority

Bao Jia Li provides you the ultimate tool to grow as you please. Our back office system will allow any new business to thrive under the current tough but highly enriching climate of online gaming. Whether your opportunity be agent business, or spot market, or both, our back office system can suit your business model.

Connect any game platform now and in the future

No single game platform is enough in these tough business climate. As online casino related business owner, you too must provide a good variety, but you can’t keep creating everything yourself, so 3rd party gaming platform becomes key. If you are using an admin of game provider who is biased to its own product, they may or may not want to integrate. At Bao Jia Li gaming system you cans integrate anything you want. We provide technical assistant by our top techs support.

One ID for ALL

The Bao Jia Li gaming system allows you to let your players play a variety of games through multiple devices with one ID/PW. You will be ready for any shift in business climate, whether it be PC, laptop, tab or mobile. Think ahead. No one can predict the future accurately. However, with the Bao Jia Li gaming system, you are assured that you will be able to move in any direction, as needed.