Games API Integration

More Games , More Possibilities

Bao Jia Li integration platform could connect a wide variety of partners. For operators that already own a gaming platform, every operator is constantly looking for ways to increase their revenue in this competitive market of online gambling. With Bao Jia Li’s flexible API, an operator with a preexisting gaming platform can effortlessly integrate our software into the existing system. This API integration will be neither time consuming nor disrupt business operations. Factoring in geographical diversity, Bao Jia Li’s platform supports a variety of major languages and multiple currencies to reach all targeted markets. Additionally, Bao Jia Li’s gaming API integration is designed with a comprehensive reporting tool that will keep a detailed record of all operational activities.


Bao Jia Li has already successfully setup and established several Integration solutions with existing Gaming operators with great results in terms of revenue profits. We are also highly flexible and provide professional assistance throughout the entire process. We believe Bao Jia Li is the correct choice for you to provide you more edge in Integration and bringing more business revenue to you.