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Bao Jia Li provides B2B online casino gaming partnership.

Bao Jia Li specializes in online casino platform for live games, video slots, sportsbook, table games and 3rd party gaming platform games. Bao Jia Li has led the online gaming industry by providing innovative & cutting edge casino solutions to leading gaming sites in Asia.

Bao Jia Li Casino platform is designed with superior features and technology, and because it is so flexible and scalable, it can evolve together with your needs and your players’ requirements. Its flexibility enables you to meet the dynamic market demand at all times and also enables you to respond immediately to any market opportunity.

The Best Customized Online Gaming System Solution for Your Business

When an operator chooses Bao Jia Li’s casino solutions, the operator is making a smart choice that will drive his/her business further while keeping running costs at a highly affordable rate.

Bao Jia Li’s is a powerful all-in-one solutions platform that will help business owners manage various aspects of their businesses, such as marketing campaigns, memberships, transaction details, and more. Training modules on the functionalities and operability of our Online Casino Management System are available and freeof charge to operators whenever you make Bao Jia Li’s gambling software your choice. Bao Jia Li provides operators great peace of mind through its innovative casinosoftware solutions and integrations that can quickly propel any new business into the market in a short frame of time.

We Provide

Affiliate Marketing

In the competition in the market situation, the right marketing model is the key to your profit, we provide a complete affiliate marketing tools, the entire binding site, distributors and customers, allowing you to quickly expand the customer base, access to huge profits.

Business Administration

We offer owners a complete business management and analysis tools that allow owners can keep abreast of customer trends, formulate development strategies according to the market outlook, enhance staff efficiency, timely introduction of proper marketing activities, while continuing stable business development.

Finance and Accounting

Independent financial center, unified management and operation of cash receipts and financial nstitutions, real-time monitoring system within the cash flow of information and the abnormal state, so that owners can precisely control the financial revenue and expenditure, the relationship between business management and funds correctly.

Games Software

A large amount of the transaction volume of the gaming industry, a large amount of money at any time between platforms, websites and mobile users, we provide a complete information center management system that enables companies to adjust the mode of operation at any time, take the initiative to explore the valuable customers and clients relationship maintenance.

Legal Services

Providing Internet gaming business legal service, not only insight into the gaming industry regulations, and have a deep understanding for the industry, to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights, product marketing, unauthorized transactions, providing risk management consulting and employee matters legal advice, providing comprehensive of assistance.

MIS, IT and Communications IT

We provide 24x7 uninterrupted management information and information technology management services, from an average of over 10 years experience in the technical team to provide the most comprehensive management, operators without hiring any information management, significantly reducing personnel costs allows operators to focus on marketing.

Online Gaming Sites

Operators without their own planning, design, set up gambling sites, entirely by our company in accordance with needs and provide fully functional gambling sites, support various languages and multiple currencies, and provides a comprehensive update tool that allows you to provide the latest content anytime, anywhere user.

Payment Solutions

Convenient, fast way to pay is the best shortcut considerate users! Ranging from business people, we stand ready to provide you with advice and assistance on any technical or financial, can help to use a variety of payment and withdrawal methods, including bank transfer, online banking, third-party payment, e-purse.


When you run multiple websites, you will need to portal visitors from around the world will be directed to the appropriate site, while the portal will combine a variety of gaming and entertainment-related information to enhance the retention time visitors to increase the conversion rate.

Security and Fraud

Large-scale data encryption, to ensure a high standard of confidentiality and security, and the initiative to help you reduce losses and risks, early and effective fraud detection, reduce fraud, potential chargeback risk, 24/7 monitoring each transaction .

Turnkey Solution Providers

You do not need to start from scratch, directly provide design, production, deployment, testing and provide some trained by us, then by the carrier to start operations without the burden of a huge development and hardware costs, can all concentrate on in order to create higher and higher returns on marketing take forward.